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September 2022

Miracle's Mobile Food Pantry

Illustration of Food Truck

Miracle's Mobile Food Pantry Monthly Food Distribution

Two of the needs identified from the community needs assessment was food insecurity among our senior citizens and transportation. The goal of the Mobile Food Pantry is to deliver healthy, nutritious foods to senior citizens who are homebound, lack transportation, and/or have multiple health and mental issues. Miracle’s Mobile Food Pantry will target populations in Washington, Johnson, Jefferson, Hancock, and Emanuel counties. Participants may also receive resource information for Medicaid, AARP, the Department of Aging, and others.

Miracle's Mobile Food Pantry's 2022 Goals

1. To purchase a delivery van for the program.
2. To serve approximately 996 senior citizens in 2022.
3. To distribute KN95 facemasks, hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes to 30 senior citizens per month to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Omincore, and Delta variants.


FY 2021 Food Distribution Highlights

Miracle's Mobile Food Pantry ended our first year exceeding the goals we set for the program.  Our goal was to serve 30 senior citizens in the first three months (Oct.-Dec.) of the program. However, we average approximately 78 senior citizens each month for the 5 counties we serve.  We served 206 families, with a total of 328 individuals; 234 senior citizens; 34 youth under the age of 18.  We drove over 800 miles to deliver 206 food boxes or 3100 pounds of food with the help of 23 volunteers and donations of frozen turkeys, homemade cakes, candy, fruit, and LOTS of LOVE!!



Mother’s Day Pampering Bags - May 2021

Suzette with Mother Hatcher who is all smiles to receive a visit and some pampering.

The motto at the heartbeat of Miracle’s Project comes from a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Life’s persistent and most urgent question is what are you doing for others?” We saw a unique opportunity to show our appreciation to several female senior citizens in our community who exemplify this. These women have impacted many lives, from family to neighbor to stranger. They never hesitate to help by providing a kind word, a gentle smile, a comforting hug, or a homecooked meal. These women have always put the needs of others before themselves because of their servant’s heart. We believe in giving people their flowers and token of appreciation while they’re living. The Bible teaches “withhold not good from them to whom it is due; when it is in the power of thine hand to do so” (Proverbs 3:27). The colorful Mother’s Day Pampering Bags contained lotion, bonnets, wig caps, perfume, soaps, socks, candy, deodorant, razors, jewelry, cards, and a bath sponge. In addition, each lady received a beautiful, handwritten Mother’s Day card from Miracle’s Project thanking them for having a servant’s heart. We look forward to showing our appreciation to other deserving seniors in our community in years to come.

Household Disinfectant Boxes - September 2020

Cleaning Supplies

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of life, with many people becoming sick, losing loved ones, losing jobs, and/or struggling with obtaining supplies needed to maintain a clean, germ-free home. 60% of senior citizens who still live in their own homes shared that they have been fearful of going shopping amid the pandemic. Many of them were not able to get necessary items because panic buying caused shortages. During this time I was always mindful of our seniors; many of them cannot move as fast as the younger generation and miss out on getting what they need. In addition, they often struggle to find dependable and reliable transportation to take them to the local Wal-Mart, Family Dollar, or Dollar General. Therefore, Miracle’s Project stepped in to assist several seniors in our community by supplying them with a Household Disinfectant Box. We were able to purchase bleach, laundry/dishwashing detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, hand wipes, and bottled water. Miracle’s Project has continued to supply those senior citizens in our community with Household Disinfectant Boxes throughout the pandemic.

Get Out and Vote Event, Sandersville, GA - July 2020

MITM voter registration table where community members registered to vote and learned about MITM services

During the event, we had the opportunity to bring awareness to Miracle’s Project by introducing ourselves to the community. We discussed our mission, vision, purpose, goals, and desires for the project. In addition, we distributed the Miracle’s Community Need Assessment. Our assessment identified the strengths and resources available in the community. It focused on the capabilities of the community, including its citizens’ agencies, and organizations. It provided a framework for developing and identifying services and solutions for building a community that supports and nurtures people from every aspect of life. We had an overwhelming 80% of the assessments returned and with the information gathered, we have begun to implement the programs and services identified as critically in need in the rural communities in which we serve.

Flint, Michigan Water Drive - 2016

Delivering water collected for Flint Mich citizens to House of Hope, Macon

Humans can live for three weeks without food but only three days without water. Therefore, water is indeed essential. But what if your water was poison? This is exactly what happened in Flint, Michigan about three years ago.

My family and I put together a water drive here in rural Georgia to help our fellow citizens in Flint. We collected over 300 cases of water and delivered it to the drop-off location at House of Hope in Macon, GA. It has and will always be an honor of ours to serve wherever the Lord leads us.

This water drive has become a recurring event for us. We look forward to continuing to make a difference in serving this crucial need.